EP 64: PPE & Current Covid-19 Update

Listen in today for an update on more personal protective equipment that can be used in our practices once we hit the ground running! Vital information to continue to prepare for the influx of patients that will be at our door once allowed to practice. As well as an in-depth virus update given by Dr. John. Don’t miss this episode … Read More

EP63: Legislation Regarding Covid-19 & What You Need to Know: A Breakdown of the CARES Act

The most current update regarding our crisis status with Covid-19 and what we can be doing to access the government aid provided to us. The dental field is being hit hard and we want to help! Listen in to Dr. John and Wendy while they dive into these different options and how we can get started finding relief during this … Read More

BONUS: Covid-19 Emergency Dental Practice Rescue Masterclass Training

*BONUS* episode including information regarding emergency dental practice rescue. Dr. John sets the stage for the unknown that we are currently experiencing in the dental industry as most of our lives and professions have been put on hold from this virus. Listen in to the basics we can be doing now with our offices, our staff, and how to hit … Read More

EP62: Success Strategies for Todays New Dentists

Are you out of dental school and looking for highly profitable opportunities, or a good long term plan? Are you running at maximum capacity and ready to hire a young associate on board? In this episode, Wendy and Dr. John discuss common frustrations, opportunities and situations experienced by our young dentists today. Highlighting proven strategies they’ve seen in todays market … Read More

EP61: The Patient Who Declines Perio Treatment & What To Do When This Happens

The age-old conversation on the patient who declines perio is one that Dr. John and Wendy hear ALL the time! This episode discusses a tragic story of providers who could not see eye to eye on this issue. How to discuss this disease, the treatment needed and the system to make sure patient, hygienist and doctor are ALL happy and … Read More

EP60: Become A CEO Mastermind with Dr. Ed Hood

In this episode, Dr. Ed Hood dives into the secrets of becoming a CEO mastermind. From strategies with your current team employees, culture and mindset to community outreach and how to bounce back from catastrophic difficulty within your practice. This is a MUST listen for all those who are striving to be better leaders within their practice! “EP60: Become a … Read More

EP59: Ready to GROW with Dr. Dick Davenport

Are you burned out? Wearing yourself too thin? In danger of mental/emotional/physical health interrupting your day to day work in your dental practice? Listen to this episode NOW to hear Dr. Davenport and Dr. John discuss capacity blockage solutions and other ways to implement systems within your practice to help you have a fulfilling dental career AND an exit strategy. … Read More

EP58: Become a Better Dentist, Become a Better Leader with Dr. Jason Howell

Dr. Jason Howell, A Business savvy dentist who has learned some tips and tricks to help you drastically increase your dental knowledge, production and leadership. Dr. John, Dr. Howell and Wendy discuss treatment planning for REAL life patients that are currently sitting in your chair and tweak your processes to increase acceptance of treatment you know your patients need, while … Read More

EP57: High level Implementation Drives Results with Dr J Michael Williams

Dr. J Michael Williams earned our Team Training institute Implementer of the year award for 2018, has a 1 million dollar dental practice and during this episode spills his insider information on how to implement change in your practice tomorrow! He gives his patients in Dunn, North Carolina, world class service & the production follows. Listen in, to create a … Read More

EP56: How Your Team Can Help Case Acceptance Today (Part 2)

We listen in to Dr. John LIVE giving answers to common case acceptance questions! If you pull the “dreaded” report of unscheduled or uncompleted treatment and the list keeps getting longer and longer, this podcast will rock your world!! Dr. John shares real-life in the trenches material that will increase your case acceptance today. “EP52: How Your Team Can Help … Read More

EP55: 9 Out of 10 Offices are Tracking This Wrong, Are You? With Curtis Marshall

What gets measured, gets improved. Wendy & Curtis Marshall discuss common errors when analyzing your office numbers. Dental Intel is “the world’s #1 software for tracking, analyzing, managing & growing your practice” according to their website and have helped our clients world wide with real time data that will continue to aid providers, leaders and team members create a culture … Read More

EP54: Strategies for a Lifetime of High Performance with Dr. Uche Odiatu

Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD & Dr. John discuss every practitioners most important piece of equipment- YOU! The wealth of information shared in this episode about oral & systemic health is extremely informative as well as evidence-based and applicable to both your patients and your staff! Dr. Odiatu has spoken world-wide and wears many different hats such as: Yoga instructor, Zumba … Read More