EP54: Strategies for a Lifetime of High Performance with Dr. Uche Odiatu

Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD & Dr. John discuss every practitioners most important piece of equipment- YOU! The wealth of information shared in this episode about oral & systemic health is extremely informative as well as evidence-based and applicable to both your patients and your staff! Dr. Odiatu has spoken world-wide and wears many different hats such as: Yoga instructor, Zumba … Read More

EP53: Innovative Marketing to Bring Patients Through Your Door

Stacy Rust, a Digital Marketing expert, and Dr. John discuss digital dental marketing, how to grab the low hanging fruit that you are overlooking! She explains how she helps her clients to see success with their marketing efforts to improve the dollars they are putting toward marketing by looking at the data and increasing your views with a few simple … Read More

EP52: How Your Team Can Help Case Acceptance Today (Part 1)

We listen in to Dr. John LIVE giving a well-rounded snapshot of the opportunities within an office to improve our case acceptance numbers. If your restorative schedule is slowing down, if you’d like to do more big cases or if you would like to involve the whole team in the patient appointment in a positive way- this episode is for … Read More

EP51: Magic Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone

‘When did we start doing that?’ Has this question ever been asked in your office? Dr. John addresses implementing change within your practice. It can be something small or practice-changing, but implementing the crucial steps will allow the changes you want to happen, avoid resistance and stay for good in order to progress your practice forward! Don’t miss this incredible … Read More

EP50: Everything You Need to Know About Fluoride

Can fluoride lower IQ? Will fluoride cause alzheimers or interfere with my thyroid? Wendy Briggs, RDH goes answers all these questions and goes a step further by helping you explain the efficacy and NEED for fluoride for our patients today. Don’t be caught off guard by another question about this preventive procedure and don’t wait to listen to todays episode! … Read More

EP49: 3 Common Frustrations and How to Handle Them

Dr. John and Wendy get into the detail of  challenges that doctors face every day. They discuss how-to create an office that runs on its own, and doesn’t depend on one single person, recognize your need for new patients and emphasize value to your patients for the procedures you are performing. Also included: WHY these common mistakes are happening to … Read More

EP48: Little Known Strategies for Growth

During this episode, Wendy discusses how little people can make a BIG difference! Level-up with your community, friends & patients, all while creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your current patients that leave kids, and more importantly PARENTS telling everyone they know! Start preparing for back-to-school and take advantage of all the strategies Wendy has to offer when it comes to … Read More

EP47: Design Dental Success with Angie Bachman

4 Dr. John talks with Angie Bachman, one of the trainers for Design Ergonomics. Angie shares about their process called Reboot Practice Productivity and how you can design your office to work for you! Increasing productivity by $50 an hour is no small feat! This program can influence your day to day practice with the equipment you are using and … Read More

EP46: Increase Overall Team Effectiveness and Engagement with Heather Driscoll

People are excited about their own ideas, goals and what they help create. This episode has something for everyone! Listen in to Heather Driscoll who dives into creating a dream team that provide support and ultimately elevate the overall environment in your office. Dive in full speed ahead with the tips and tricks she brings to the table, and implement … Read More

EP45: 5 Steps to Creating Disney Delight; Part 2

Create your own office magic after listening to the second part of Wendy’s lecture from our Orlando Summit meeting. Be prepared with a notebook for the wealth of ideas and information given in this episode to transform the way you treat your VIP patients. Think, dream, believe and dare to create an incredible patient-centered experience within your office.  “EP45: 5 … Read More

EP44: 5 Steps to Creating Disney Delight; Part 1

Listen in to part 1 of this rare insight into our latest summit meeting where Wendy delivers a powerful presentation on creating magic moments within our dental offices. The ability that we have to change lives is real, tangible and EASY to implement in our offices when we create the systems that Wendy introduces during this episode. Get excited about … Read More

EP42: Clinical & Business Excellence with Dr. Scott Leune

Listen in while Dr. John and Wendy discuss principles with Dr. Scott Leune. Dr. Leune is constantly helping providers create a growing business as well as an incredible clinical practice and helping the balance to get the best overall patient experience AND best use of your time as a clinician. Continue to grow your practice, training and job.  “EP42: Clinical … Read More