Problem Employees – The “Warm Body” Syndrome (Part 1 of 2)

A “warm body” is an employee who is physically there but who is not engaged. That employee either doesn’t get it, doesn’t want it or can’t do it (or a combination of those three).


Loss of Productivity 

When you have a “warm body” employee, it’s an absolute loss of productivity. The problem is that you usually won’t recognize it as lost productivity. You just wish they would “get on track.”

A “warm body” brings all kinds of problems and errors. Important tasks are usually undone or done poorly. If such an employee doesn’t get it, want it or can do it, expect a series of errors.


Loss of Patient Relationships

With a “warm body” on the team, you’re going to lose relationships with your patients.

Whether they‘re verbal about it or not, patients can sense that an employee isn’t engaged. When patients aren’t receiving a world-class experience in your practice, expect a deterioration in your relationship with patients as they become distant over time.

Well-formed patient relationships can handle a few mistakes and a few ups and downs, but if this continues, the relationship with the patient suffers. Eventually, they’ll form a relationship with another practice.


Handling “Warm Body” Issues

In our X Factor program, we’ll show you how to avoid hiring a “warm body.” If you already have a “warm body,” we’ll show you how to give that employee every development opportunity to grow. If you can’t get them to develop into a high-functioning team member, we’ll discuss the safest and most effective ways to make a separation.

Excerpted from The X Factor: How to Build Your Dental Dream Team