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Choose ONE Advanced In-depth Training Program and Get 1 for FREE!

The #1 Question we get after Dentists complete the “How To Double Your Production Training” is … “Dr. John and Wendy What Is Next? How do I get the depth training for my Hygiene team that Wendy talks about and the in depth training on Clinical Explosion that Dr. John talks about!”

And I have the ANSWER FOR YOU! And a special offer, We know how important it is for you to have both the Clinical Explosion Training; that will walk you through each of the 6 clinical explosion detonators and add thousands of dollars to your personal production while creating a better bond and patient experience AND the Hygiene Explosion 2.0 training so that your hygiene team can have the advanced training that has allowed hygienists to consistently have $1500-$2,000 production days. Together both of these advanced trainings skyrocket practices and provide a world-class patient experience that has everyone raving about your office.

Why would we do this? Because we know that you are committed to growing your practice, after all you dedicated time today with the sole intent of doubling your production, and we LOVE to work with Doctors like you!

Why Do I Need More Trainings? … I just bought the How To Double My Production System!

And the answer is you may not – The “How to Double Your Production Starting Tomorrow System” may be enough for you to experience the level of success that you desire BUT we know that many of you will want more and we are here to show you how!

The fact is that there is no way that we could teach you everything you need to know to FULLY optimize your hygiene and clinical production in just 4 hours. Each of these trainings are 8 hours. But we wanted to give every dentist enough to get started and see results tomorrow.

To make this a “no-brainer” for every dentists here today, we have decided to offer you a “buy one – get one free” offer.

Here’s what you get with Clinical Explosion:

  • The complete 6 module ‘watch over my shoulder’ core strategies Dr. John only teaches private clients…
  • A complete 90-day, 1 year and 3 year plan for your practice growth allowing you to no longer wonder what you should be doing or how many new patients you really need
  • Your personal plan to manage both your physical and mental energy allowing you to practice longer and with less physical pain
  • The scripts used to unlock the secret desires, questions and concerns that patients won’t tell you
  • A clear understanding of what technology you really need in your practice and the exact timing for purchasing technology to ensure that you are getting the best deal.
  • My Capacity Crisis Formula so that you are never blindsided by capacity of resources, space, or staff and can easily avoid the pitfalls that trip up every other practice.
  • Simple easy to use strategies for eliminating bottlenecks in your practice most that can be done by your team so that you can focus on high quality dental services.
  • The 11 clinical acceleration points that allow you to get more done in less time than you ever imagined

Here’s what you get with Hygiene Explosion 2.0:

  • The complete 8 module ‘Wendy in your office’ system to train hygienists on the skills to double their hygiene production within the current time allotted for hygiene appointments.
  • The 4 BIGGEST changes in dental technology that produce the biggest benefits for your patients
  • The common assumption that stops hygienists from bringing in more profit and the step-by step way to turn it around and start raking in the cash!
  • Adding 4 of these procedures a day (and this is a low estimate…82 in one day is the record from one of my trained hygienist!) can generate an extra $34,500 per year in hygiene!
  • How they can net a yearly average of $34,500 extra with this just 4 of these simple, quick procedure per day!
  • The Big Picture, Introduction to Hygiene Diamonds Paradigm: This is where your hygienists will “get it” and understand their role in the success of your practice. Your hygienist will learn the “method behind the madness” in this section. They’ll finally see how their role is super critical to the success of the practice. You’ll see a difference in attitude and a higher level of excitement from your staff after this section!
  • 8 CE Credits for 2 Hygienists (additional access may be purchased for additional hygienists)

OK, Guys What’s My Investment?

The regular investment for both of these courses is $1997, but since you have proven to be serious about growing your dental practice if you purchase one of these trainings, I will send you the other absolutely FREE!

That’s a $1997 savings and an offer that you will not find any where else other than this page. And this offer is only available here, while you are on this page… the offer disappears as soon as you leave this page, so you need to make your decision now…

If you are satisfied with where your practice is now (but if so, not sure why you have made it this far in the training) or you don’t believe that you and your team can actually increase your production or you are not willing to make changes in your practice than this special offer may not be for you.

But if you are serious about not only doubling both your clinical and hygiene production but providing a world-class experience and the highest care possible for your patients than this is a must-do for your practice.

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You

We understand that you were not planning to make this investment today and we want to make this accessible to every practice.

You can get BOTH the Clinical Explosion AND the Hygiene Explosion 2.0 Trainings for only $1997 and you can split that payment into 3 EZ installments of just $666 or you can pay in full today and save $200.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll have both trainings sent directly to you as well as receive instant access to the online versions.

So choose the plan that works best for you….

Just One Payment of $1797
(Save $200)

  • Instant Access to BOTH Clinical Explosion and Hygiene Explosion 2.0
  • Both systems mailed directly to you

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3 Easy Payments of $666

  • Instant Access to BOTH Clinical Explosion and Hygiene Explosion 2.0
  • Both systems mailed directly to you

(simply click and we will bill your credit card on file)

100% Money Back Guarantee

As with all of our programs, there is no risk on your part because both of these trainings are fully covered by our No Risk 100% money back guarantee. If after completing both of these trainings you haven’t seen at least a 25% increase in your production simply contact us and we will gladly refund your entire investment.