Our Secret To Finding & Hiring Great Team Members

One of my first jobs before college was waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory. 


I remember going in prepared for the typical interview but didn’t expect what would happen next.


It was not the typical interview I was had prepared for


But, I must have done well because I got the job!


Fast forward several years later, I never really thought much about HOW they hired until I saw Dr. John using this same strategy to hire for his dental practices.


What we’ve found is that some candidates are natural interviewers, but later on are not good team members.


But this type of interview strategy helps us see behind the resume of job candidates.


During our last Blue Diamond member retreat, we got a lot of feedback that practices were struggling when it came to finding and hiring team members.


Every month our members participate in a monthly huddle where we address common challenges like these.


Normally these huddles are only available to members only, but we know many of you are struggling with the same challenge.


So for a limited time, we’re giving you access to our latest monthly huddle were Dr John and I go over how to have a successful opportunity night, so you can find and hire your next great team member.