Are You Working Your Butt Off,Yet Something Is Missing In Your Dental Practice?

Discover A Way Up And Out Of Uncertain Times.
Perfected Over 34 Years And 3 Recessions,
In Only 45 Minutes

Dear Doctor,

We have good news and bad news for you.

First, the good news: You’ve been led to this web page because you want to build a better practice. And this web page will help you do that. 

Now, the bad news: Thinking and wanting the right things are not enough to succeed.

Not even close. Not in the wake of COVID-19.

In fact, you have NO margin for error in your practice now.

Get it wrong, and here’s what you can expect ...



Hi, It's Dr. John Meis & Wendy Briggs

from the Team Training Institute.

And this message is important and timely for you because:

  • The U.S. lost at least 26.5 million jobs during the Pandemic, according to Fortune magazine.
  • Some economists say full employment won’t happen until at least 2023
  • A good scenario is that 20% of small businesses will fail due to Coronavirus, according to Yahoo News. That’s 1 of every 5 small businesses in your town closing their doors forever

    All of which means that many of those lost paychecks, and your patients’ ability to pay for treatment, may not come back for years.

    For these and other reasons ... the future of dentistry is fraught with peril.

    That’s why you simply must find a way to build a stronger, better practice. If you can do that, you'll be head and shoulders above every other dentist who sees their collections fall by 9% or more!

    Now, to help make that happen, you’re invited to request a... 

New, Free 45-Minute
Strategy Session By Phone

What is it? 

A 45-minute planning session, with one of our Practice Production Advisors. They will help uncover 3-4 areas of your practice where you can quickly increase your production at least 10-20%.

Because we have a different vantage point -- one that's very valuable. 

You see, we can see your practice from the outside, apart from the daily grind ... the drama ... the hustle and bustle inside your practice now. 

From our viewpoint, we can quickly identify areas where you can make maximum impact in minimum time. We'll customize the best route for you to reach your destination, like calling AAA for a TripTik map! 

Then we hand you that map. So you can take the wheel and drive your team.

The “magic” of this process is that, simply by talking about your goals out loud to an expert in practice production, you get new insights and ideas you never would sitting alone at your desk ... surrounded by the same four walls and the same thinking as you have now.

YES! I Want To Get My Free Strategy Session

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover In This Eye-Opening Conversation

  •  The secret that turns canceled and broken appointments into new production. It’s almost alchemy šŸ™‚
  • Are you ready for the "new reality" of diagnosis and case acceptance? When 26 million Americans are facing unemployment and your patients have taken on a huge amount of debt?
  • How to survive and thrive in the uncertain economy we’re now facing, when new patients simply won’t solve your problems
  • The 3 critical elements that will dictate your success in the next 6-12 months

During our conversation, lasting only 45 minutes, you get instantly actionable ideas. We’ll suggest at least 2-3 new strategies, available to you immediately, that you may be overlooking. 

Plus you get valuable insights to help you:

  • Recalibrate your goals for month and year (to jumpstart your confidence and your energy)
  • Recession-proof your practice by being just 9% better (we’ll show you 9 simple ways to do it!)
  • Protect your income and earning potential right now ... to avoid a painful downgrade of your lifestyle later

Here’s why this is so valuable: To navigate the post-pandemic economy, you must slow everything down and focus on the very next activity that’s going to lead you towards the outcome you want.

 So often, we dentists get distracted by 1,000 things that we think we should do ... which is like riding a horse in 4 directions at once. You go nowhere. But if you just focus on the most important thing right now, that’s what can pull you out of the rut.

 The breakthrough solution you’re looking for is just like that. 

 It’s not about doing 1,000 things to survive and thrive ... or 100 things ... or even 25 things.

 It’s about doing just a handful of things, in the right order, at the right time.

 It’s about taking a step back from playing “whack a mole” with daily crises. It’s about getting ahead of everyone else by having a methodical plan in place. Setting your practice up for success for the rest of this year -- and beyond.

On your Strategy Session, we see your practice with fresh eyes and discover neglected sources of production. Because since 2009 ... 

YES! I Want To Get My Free Strategy Session

We’ve Helped Hundreds Of Dentists Grow Stronger And More Profitable

 Here’s just a sample ...

 “Up $175,867 since October 2019, with only 2 weeks in March 
and closed in April!”

“The program has been amazing. the increase in production and collections has been beyond my wildest dreams. The staff is highly, highly enthused. I actually stalled before joining the program. I thought, ‘We’re doing everything we need to do.’ But I finally decided to do this and I should have done it two years ago, when I first heard about it. It’s been phenomenal. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for my clinical practice.”

  •  Dr. Kevin Ward, Fishers, IN

 “Over $10,000 increase in hygiene production in the first month!”

 “We did, for both offices, $10,000 more in hygiene production than the month before. We are now in August, and we're up to $55,000 more for both offices and I still think we're just at the tip of the iceberg. We're really excited about it.”

  •  Dr. John Romulus, Jacksonville, NC

 “$54,000 increase in the best month!”

 “Since October of last year, our production's gone from an average of about $120,000 a month to-- we're averaging year-to-date about $145,000. We’ve had our best month ever in March. We did $174,000 in hygiene alone. We’re really excited” -

  •  Gloria Courtney, Hygienist

 “Our best year of dentistry in 25 years!”

 “Before we began with the Team Training Institute, I felt like our hygiene department was in a rut, we weren’t growing, and we weren’t serving our patients as well as we could.  As soon as we got involved with the coaching our practice went to a new level.  Our hygienists are educating their patients better, we are making patients aware of things that impact their health and what they can do to improve it … and in the process we produced the biggest year we have had in dentistry in 25 years!” 

  •  Dr. Charles Betts, Decatur AL

 “$30,000 increase in FIRST month!”

 “After one month, our hygienists increased revenues by $30,000. I say that again. That's $30,000 in just one month's time. This program is fantastic.”

  • Dr. Jay Jensen, Salt Lake City, UT


That’s Why I Can Make You This Worry-Free Guarantee:

You will find our Strategy Session by phone to be highly profitable, full of eye-opening information, and useful advice.

If you don’t agree, for any reason or no reason, let us know and I’ll immediately write you a check for $200 or send you a $200 Amazon gift card to compensate you for your time.

In fact, you don’t even have to tell us directly. Just e-mail us after your Session to let us know if you think your time was wasted and that you want your compensation. 

YES! I Want To Get My Free Strategy Session

Wait, Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk

 While the current crisis may be new and frightening to you, I’ve now lived it dozens of times with the dentists for whom I provide practice growth guidance.

And you can tap into our 55 years of collective experience ... and use it to solve your biggest problems in 2020 ... by requesting your Strategy Session.


 You won’t qualify for a Strategy Session just because you’re a dentist and can fog a mirror. That’s because, if you’re not motivated to grow your practice … if you’re not open-minded about new ways to increase production … or if you’re just skeptical about everything these days … sorry, we won’t click. 

 But if you’re ambitious and persistent … if you see your production numbers as a frustrating weakness, one that makes you vulnerable to bigger, betterā€funded competitors … 

 ... if the pandemic pushed you to do whatever it takes to preserve the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build for your family ... then you should take advantage of this today.

 Why Timing Is Important

 During the next 30 days, we’re filling open spots in our schedule. And there’s limited time available to prepare for your call, while also serving our members. 

 Which makes it impossible for us to do more than a handful of Strategy Sessions by phone in the coming weeks. Therefore, I can’t promise to extend this offer beyond 21 days from today.

 Are You Worried That Your Time Will Be Wasted?

 Of course, if you’re smart and you’re busy, you may be skeptical. And you may think this phone call is nothing more than a sales pitch. But that’s not that it at all.

 After reviewing your specific situation, de-mystifying your problems and clarifying your goals, we will prescribe a course of action to help. At the end of the conversation, you’ll be given 3 options: implement the plan yourself, implement it with our help, or do nothing.

 You can then make an informed, intelligent decision. And it’s fine if you decide you want to go it alone or do nothing. There are no strong-arm sales tactics to worry about. 


 I want to be clear that we’ve worked very hard to make sure your time is NOT wasted and that you get real value from your Strategy Session ...


Of course, after we talk, you may want to our help to guide you in the months ahead. If so, and if we feel there’s a match, we’d welcome that opportunity. Yet, even if we never work together, your Strategy Session will spark valuable ideas you would never get otherwise. 

Your time will NOT be wasted. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? You can’t make a decision to work with us now, and we can’t make a decision to accept you now. Let’s explore …

How To Apply For Your Strategy Session:

It’s easy. Simply complete the short form below and one of our Production Specialists will contact you to arrange a phone call now ...

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Input your text here! The text After that, you’ll be taken to our calendar, where you can schedule a Strategy Session at your convenience.

It’s fast … you get new clarity and confidence ... there’s no cost … and no obligation.

Why not do it now?

Yours for success,