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Multi-Million Dollar Practice - Yet We Weren't Profitable

When Dr. Hood, met Dr. John Meis in 2014, Hood Dental Care was already very productive, generating $3.3 Million. But there was one question that always nagged him that he asked; “I’m having trouble getting my P&L to fit into the mold that I’ve been hearing from all these practice management people for years, I am trying to get my payroll to 25% and get my overhead into that 60% range” … Dr. Meis told me ‘You're never going to get those numbers, not with what you’re producing.’ Nobody was teaching what those numbers needed to be in a bigger practice. So that was like a weight lifted off of me. All this time I was thinking that I was not managing the practice correctly because we weren't fitting into those little boxes.”

How Seven Pines Dental Group Increased Patient Care 5400% and Revenue by $1.6 Million when Working with the Same Patient Load


Before TTI, growth only reflected the increase Dr. Lambrechts made in his fee structure, generally about 3% per year.

“Now our growth numbers are ridiculous,” Dr. Lambrechts said. “In the latter half of 2017, when we joined TTI, we went up 13% ($300,000), which was really remarkable.

The next year we went up 17%, about $500,000.

This past year, we went up 22% ($800,000) which was crazy. Now we’re a machine, every month is a record month.”

So Much Good Has Been Created in My Life That I Can't Put a Dollar Figure On It

"When I graduated from dental school over 30 years ago, I thought that success was going to be a big house, a membership at the local country club, a nice car. I tried that, but quickly realized that just wasn’t me.

Today, my wife Lori and I have 3 young grandkids. We love to sit out back, watch the chickens and take backhoe rides. This is success to me. I bring nothing home to fret about. I am free to enjoy my life, my grandkids and the farm. And this has all been created for me because of the success that I created with my practice."

Dr. Jesse Chai Goes from Hating His Dental Practice to Having the Most Fun in His Life

"I didn't feel I was living up to my full potential. I knew some of what I was supposed to be doing. I just didn't know how to do it. I talked to Dr. John Meis, and I thought, I think they know how to get me where I want to go.

My stress level is way down because working with TTI has given me a lot of confidence in how to navigate the process and reinvent my business. I am more motivated and energized. I feel that I am a better husband. I'm a better father. I'm a better leader to my team, a better business owner, and just a better person in general because I was able to figure that out and be true to myself versus trying to appease others."

I Wanted to Create a Business as Well as Be a Dentist

"I felt that what consultants out there push you to do is naive. They push you to do the opposite of what the patient wants. The patient wants fast, easy, reproducible, and cost-effective care. And every other business is going that way except dentistry."

Mission Accomplished! Tripled Production While Working Less

"I'd always wanted to grow and expand into another location," Dr. Aldridge said. But before joining the Team Training Institute, that dream was out of reach. "I'd work, work, work, and then I worked some more after seeing patients. I felt like I'd be better off just going to work for someone else."

Since joining the Team Training Institute, his revenue has grown 100%, he's doubled the value of his practice, and expanded into another location.

He Laughed at The Team Training Institute, But Then He Topped $3 Million!

"As I listened to podcasts and thought leaders in the community, I realized that corporate dentistry was here to stay. The single doctor practice is no longer going to be feasible in the next 5 to 10 years. I began noticing how I didn't have time for vacations or anything else. I was working like a dog and I knew that I had to change...I was skeptical of the promises The Team Training Institute made. I've been burned a lot in business, so when they told me they could increase my practice by $100,000, I laughed."

But Dr. Kirchner's production increased by $100,000 in 3 months! In his first full year, he hit over $2 Million in revenue.


8 Secrets of Their Success

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