They Gave Me The Confidence To Make The Decisions That I Needed To Make

Dr. Tyson Gray has been a dentist for 10 years in Boise, Idaho. He found the Team Training Institute a year and a half ago and describes it as a fun and entertaining way to reach a goal that he didn’t even think was achievable!

His goal…. To have a practice where you can show up to work on Monday morning and not have a whole bunch of management stuff to do, but can go in and do dentistry and have a good day….   [Read his full story here]

— Dr. Tyson Gray, Boise ID

I Didn’t Want Just Any Coach…

“I didn’t know how I could possibly grow and get better but I knew that I needed systems in place… I didn’t want just any coach that would come in and revamp my whole practice. I wanted to be sure that it was someone that would help me put things in place, based on my philosophy, my morals and my way of practicing.  8 months after I started we have more than doubled the practice, our production has gone up, our collections have gone up, we went from 4 ops – to 5 ops – to 8 ops- and will grow to 13 soon. We went from me being the only dentist not full – to being full and overloaded – to bringing on a part time dentist – to looking at a full time dentist. We have added 2 hygienists. It’s very exciting! [Read her full story here]

— Dr. Tina Goodall, Cary NC

I Am Seeing Things That I Didn’t Even Know Existed… We Are Doing Things That I Didn’t Think We Could

Dr. Ed Hood had a $2.8 Million Dollar practice and thought he was doing pretty good. He had added 2 associates to his practice and his practice was growing. It was at this point that he knew he needed help. He didn’t know how to logistically arrange things and how his practice should operate at this level. This was all knew to him….   [Read his full story here]

— Dr. Ed Hood, Denham Spring LA

We Produced The Best Dentistry in 25 Years!

Before we began with team training, we came to feel like our hygiene department had gotten into a rut, and was not growing, and not serving our patients as well as they could. As soon as we got involved with team training however, we feel like we have taken our practice to a new level, because our hygienist are educating their patients better, we are making patients aware of the things that impact their own dental health, and the things that can be done to improve that. In the process, we produced the biggest year we’d had in dentistry so far …. [Read his full story here]

— Dr. Charles Betts, Decatur AL

We Have Increased Our Revenue By 32%!


We Are Doing Things I Never Dreamed Of

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel … You Can Have The Practice Of Your Dreams

The Problem With Consultants… And What Your Team REALLY Thinks

These Are Things We Can Start Doing Today!

What Team Members Are Saying

Celebrating A $4,000 Hygiene Production Day!

My $6,300 Day!

My Hygiene Production Day Is $5,800

“I am so fortunate to be trained with the Team Training Institute’s Blue Diamond Program…the tools they have showed me have made such a difference in not only my professional life, but my personal life as well. I totally love it! My highest day has been $5,800 and I was able to accomplish that with the help of our outstanding staff who worked together and implemented the tools we were given from the Team Training Institute.” — Teena with Dr. Mark Tall’s Office

I Have Increased My Production By 78%

“We have had Wendy with us for several months now, speaking at our offices and sharing information on how we can enhance patient care. It’s been amazing for me, I have increased my production by 78%! Being able to take care of my patients at a higher level has been amazing. We are seeing great success. If you haven’t seen Wendy, I encourage you to do so, it will change how you care for your patients.” — Yolanda Cox, Columbus OH, with Heartland Dental Care

New Record High of $5,717 Today

“Wendy, Thank you for all your amazing coaching!! We love having our office ‘Wendy Briggs Trained.’ Just wanted to let you know that Teena hit a new high yesterday with her production!! Her old record was $3,800, but yesterday she totally smoked it!! She hit $5,717 in production 🙂 It was amazing to see how we all jumped on with same day sealants!! $2,000 of that production was in sealants!! Thanks for everything, you’re the best” — Crystal