Symptoms of Capacity Blockages (Part 2 of 4)

In a previous article, I spoke about capacity blockages and how they keep your practice from growing. I offered examples of blockages such as room turnover inefficiency and  lack of standard clinical protocols. I explained that the secret to super productive practices comes from how they remove these blockages by identifying the symptoms early. I thought it would be worthwhile to now discuss the nature of these symptoms.

One of the things that is subtle about capacity blockages is that you don’t feel them. You can’t put a number on them. It’s a cost with no number.

Luckily, there is a way to can get a feel for your own capacity: The inability to accept emergency patients immediately. If you have new or existing patients with a dental emergency and you cannot see them today, you have a production blockage.

The symptoms don’t feel significant, especially when you are capacity blocked, because you are already busy. And sometimes when one doesn’t show up, it’s often a relief to capacity blocked practices. Once again, this is why having expert help identifying and addressing blockages is extremely beneficial.

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