Why Your Team Members Need to: Get It, Want It and Can Do It

Productive Practice Mindset

Gino Wickman’s  Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business has the absolute best management and meeting structure for small businesses.

In the book, Wickman argues that teams should possess these three qualities:

Get It. They understand what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ve all had team members who just didn’t understand critical concepts. They didn’t understand great customer service or teamwork, for instance.

Want It. They want success bad enough to do what has to be done. We’ve all experienced employees who have uninvolved attitudes similar to this: “Well, I’m here 8 to 5. I’ll clock in and I’ll clock out, but I’m not going to put any extra effort into this. It’s not worth my time. I just don’t want it that badly.”

Can Do It. They are capable of doing the job well. Employees that can’t do it are very difficult to deal with because they understand what you’re trying to do, and they want to do it. However, they just aren’t capable of doing it.

You need to create a team that gets it, wants it and can do it.

 Excerpted from The X Factor: How to Build Your Dental Dream Team