A Foolproof Management Technique to Motivate Team Members To Preform

In one of our recent member retreats, a doctor asked me how he can get one of his associate dentists to offer more same-day treatments?


Another asked me what he could do to get their hygiene to offer more sealants?


Motivating team members to do what we ask them is an age-old question and has been studied extensively.


Bringing up moderate performance can be awkward and difficult for leaders, and can cause team members to be resentful and perform even worse.


Monetary incentives are helpful, but we shouldn’t be paying them extra for doing what we require of them.

Over the years I’ve tried many tricks, tips, and tactics to motivate my team members, but there is one technique that has really worked well, that I discuss in the video above.


I try to incorporate this technique daily in my morning huddles with the team.


I like to start a morning huddle with a quick review of the numbers from the previous day, celebrating anything that stands out. 


If somebody had a bad day, we don’t mention it. Today is a new day, a fresh start, a time to improve. 


The purpose of the huddle is to increase everybody’s confidence, not to beat anybody down.


You do this and you’ll start to see a difference in the way your team performs.