The Qualities of a Truly Exceptional Team

At a recent meeting with my upper level coaching members, we recognized several practices that have reached record production in the last few months. The common denominator in these highly productive practices is most often, Exceptional teams.

When you study these exceptional teams, certain patterns emerge.

Each member seems to have a personal enthusiasm for providing the best level of performance they are capable of. To quote Ben Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, “Their eyes are shining”.

These exceptional teams usually have a leader that helps the other members of the team find their true potential. These exceptional team leaders know how to motivate and inspire the team to achieve such incredible heights.

For example, they recognize the unique ability in their team members. When we recognize what our unique ability is and we spend more time there, we’re happier, we’re more productive, and although we may struggle where others exceed in other fields, our unique ability may help us do the task better than anyone else.

Also, these leaders believe in their team, they expect excellence, so they often get it!

If you are interested in creating a dental dream team, we have an excellent four-part training series, The X Factor. It covers every step from recruiting, training, and retaining and exceptional team.