The Truth About Vaping


As Dental Professionals, we need to know the risks facing our patients today. We have known about the risks of smoking but the EXPLOSION of vaping, especially in teenagers has now become an epidemic. According to the Perio-Implant Advisory "The problem is that vaping is thought to be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products, but can be just as dangerous if not more dangerous than smoking."

It seems that every night there is a new story on the news about the dangers of vaping. As a dental professional, what can and should you do?

In this short video, I reveal the real risks of vaping as they relate to oral health.

  • What do you need to be aware of as a healthcare professional?
  • What are actual ingredients of e-cigarettes and what is their impact on oral health?
  • Why the statement "It's safer than cigarettes" isn't true when it comes to oral health
  • How you can use your preventative therapist tools to help patients who use e-cigarettes

Wendy Briggs LIVE

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