Track Where New Patients 
Come From

Productive Practice Mindset

Take very close note of where your new patients are coming from.

One of the most important statistics to follow is the number of patients referred by other people. There is no better way to self-evaluate how much your patients appreciate your service than by the number of patients they refer.

Remember, patients take a risk when they refer you: If they’re going to send their friends and family to you, they want to know that you’re going to take exceptionally good care of them. If they don’t have confidence in you, they won’t refer.

That referral number should be as high as possible. In our consultations with practices, the range is absolutely incredible. We have practices that start with 0% of their new patients coming from referrals. Other practices that have instituted our concepts get nearly all their new patients through referrals. It’s an important number to track.

One powerful element of answering phone calls is tracking where new patients heard about you.

 Excerpted from Opportunity Is Calling