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To Double Your Production In 2022

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"In the last 2 days we produced more than we usually produce in a week!"
- Dr. David Prince, Orem UT
If You Want To Enjoy A Practice Where:
  •  the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders 
  • ​your team is supporting you, without drama 
  • ​your production is skyrocketing and
  • ​​​your profitability is going through the roof 
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The 3 "smart pivots" in this book can grow your production while protecting your practice from the financial damage caused by COVID-19.

Because they've been perfected over 34 years and 4 recessions!
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Here's a fraction of what you'll discover:

  • Why “bad news” about insurance coverage leads to 80-95% case acceptance (pages 24-25)
  • ​The simple roadmap to $326,400 in new revenue, without advertising (page 126)
  • ​How to boost your production to $225,000 a month by doing new patient exams in just 8 minutes -- without sacrificing care! (pages 50-62)
  • ​The #1 secret to case acceptance is an “E---------- C-------- Exam” (pages 55-60)
  • ​How to double your production starting tomorrow (yes, tomorrow) pages 15-18 
  • ​How to reclaim $102,952 in new revenue per hygienist by “framing” (see page 29)
  • ​How to replace your salary with profits that multiply, while you do other things (pages 119-120)
  • ​Why “nesting” is stopping you from tripling production (and how to fix it). See pages 71-72 
  • ​How to create $440,000 a year in production. Hint: no more meetings!? (pages 87-88)

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about the authors
Dr. John Meis is a 4th generation dentist who’s been said to have “dentistry in his blood”… LITERALLY. He is an international speaker, coach, and author. He is an innovator in practice management, marketing, leadership, and team development. He’s spent the better part of the last 8 years as one of the top 1% of producers in the United States. He’s tripled his practice in just 4 years and multiplied his 1 practice into 6. And the last year has played a key role, visiting, coaching and innovating ON THE GROUND inside over 180 dental practices. 

Wendy Briggs is easily the MOST famous Dental Hygientist of all time. She has logged more than 25 years of experience as a practicing hygienist. PLUS for the last 15 years she has taken her unique skills in doubling, tripling and even quadrupling hygiene production in literally THOUSANDS of practices in that time. She has consulted with more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries. And she has been featured in vitrually EVERY dental publication and consulted with virtually every worthwhile consultant, coach and vendor in the industry. She's also consulted with some of the largest DSO organizations in the United States and Australia. Hygiene is her passion...and exploding hygiene productivity, case acceptance, and profits are her areas of expertise. 
The first 43 doctors can claim a copy of the ultimate guide book
* All we ask is that you help out with shipping
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