What is the #1 Thing Patients Want?

With all the changes that are happening in dentistry… the corporations sucking up family own dental practices left and right, the ever changing (and not in our favor) insurance decisions that are affecting not only patient care but our bottom lines, and ever squeezing tight grip on our patients wallet…. if you are not figuring out how to give patients what it is that they want – you can start counting down the days until your out of business.

The consumer behavior has shifted as has the general mentality of the public. It used to be that not showing up for a scheduled appointment was a direct reflection on a person’s character and personal character was something that most people held very dearly …. But it’s sad to say that is no longer true

This is one of the factors that has lead to the high number of no-shows and last minute cancellations…

Watch this short (3 minute) video for exactly what you need to do