The Team Training Institute Story

Wendy Briggs has been a practicing hygienist for over 25 years, when she started she was like every other hygienist going about her job serving her patients… but she always knew there was more.  That while she was providing good healthcare to her patients and bringing in good money for the practice it was no where near the potential that it could be!

And one day it hit her… Since hygienists are the front line of almost every dental practice… and since hygienists spend the most time with patients… and since hygienists have the most tools available to help patients have a healthier, more attractive smile… the million dollar question simply was;

Why Aren’t We Maximizing These Strengths?

She spent the next 10 years working to perfect her system that turns hygiene departments into profitable machines providing world-class care for their patients.  Where you could be guaranteed that every patient receives the highest care AND the practice receives optimized production from every chair.

This is only the first step … 8 years ago, Dr. John Meis hired Wendy to come into his already successful practice where they were already producing in the top 1% of the country and after just 1 day his hygiene was up 73%.  And Wendy realized that she had met her dentist clone.

Dr. John had cracked the code for optimizing the dentists production and creating a practice that is bulletproof (or Tiger-proof) just like Wendy had cracked the code for hygiene production.

Dr. John, like most dentists struggled and suffered through frustration and the misery of an under-preforming practice.  He had bought into just about every consultant, every gimmick for getting new patients, for getting referrals, for training his team, until he eventually started to feel like it must just be him.  He had spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on seminars, marketing products, and coaching.

And then one day, he realized that he was operating under the wrong structure – he wasn’t thinking of his dental practice as a business.  When he made this shift he was able to create his system, based on 11 productive practice traits.  Within 3 years he was producing over $225,000 a month in personal production.  And more importantly he had discovered the 5 key systems that were duplicatable in any dental practice regardless of the talent or personality of the doctor and regardless of the talent and personality of any team.

Over lunch, they determined that Wendy was the missing piece to Dr. John and Dr. John was the missing piece to Wendy. And with that the Team Training Institute was born.

Today, with a team of incredible professionals who are living what they teach their systems are revolutionizing dental practices. The Team Training Institute’s programs have a powerful affect on every aspect of the dental office; Doctor Productivity, Hygiene Productivity, New Patient Effectiveness, Front Desk Systems, Practice Operations… every vital piece of the Dental Practice Puzzle.

“It is our mission to show dentists how they too, can double their production, establish their practice and have the freedom to enjoy it!” — Wendy Briggs, President

Our Founders

Wendy Briggs, RDH

Wendy has been called the world’s most famous hygienist.  She is a highly productive practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, international speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. She has directly coached more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries around the world.  She has the longest track record of doubling hygiene production.

Wendy has a unique way of connecting with hygienists, they listen to one of their own!

She has consulted and worked with some of the biggest and fastest growing private dental practices, as well as some of the largest DSO organizations in both the United States and Australia, including Heartland Dental, Mortenson Dental & Dental Corp.

As a speaker, she has shared the stage with every “name” in dentistry including; Dr. Tom Orent, Woody Oakes, and the Dawson Academy.  She has appeared at the Chicago Midwinter, the Yankee Dental Meeting, The Greater New York Dental Meeting, The Townie Meeting, Rocky Mountain Dental Implant Institute, The Big Apple Meeting, CDA in San Francisco, the Laser Clinician’s Meeting, and the Academy for General Dentistry.

Her own conferences have included Bill Rancic, James Malinchak (The Secret Millionaire), Rulon Gardner (Olympic Gold Medalist), Larry Gelwix, Dr. Justin Moody, and Samantha Meis (from Shark Tank).

She is a published author for RDH magazine, Dental Town, Dental Economics, The Journal of Practical Dental Hygiene, The AGD Impact, Henry Schein, and others.

Hygiene is her passion… and exploding hygiene productivity, case acceptance and profits are her areas of expertise.


Dr. John Meis was the founder of The Team Training Institute.  An innovator in practice management, marketing, leadership, and team development who at his peak was producing in the top 1% of dentists in the United States.  He multiplied his 1 practice into 6 and is currently a partner in more than 180 dental practices, playing a key role, visiting, coaching and innovating on the ground in these practices.

After extensively studying the most successful dentists, dental practices, and business owners he developed the “Productive Practice Mindset” from which the core principles of the Team Training Institute were created.  The Productive Practice Mindset consists of 11 key habits and attitudes which differentiate them from less successful practices.